Department of Alabama, VFW

General Order #3 : 2017-2018 Series

September 1, 2017

  1. MEMBERSHIP: We currently have 926 members reported for 7.00%.  We appreciate your support as we start the membership year for 2017-2018.  We need 5,689 members to reach 50% by September 30, 2017. 
  2. Department General Orders are to be read/discussed at the next Post/District meeting and filed for reference.  All current General Orders can be reviewed online at
  3. FALL CONFERENCE: will be held at the Doubletree, 1101 6th Ave, NE, Decatur, AL from October 5 – 8, 2017. For reservations call 1-256-445-3156.  Registration fee for Fall Conference is $50.00.  There will be no registration after Noon October 7, 2016.
  4. Programs Participation: Every Post chartered by the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States will be expected to participate in the following programs during the 2017-2018 year: Voice of Democracy, Patriots Pen, Smart/Maher VFW National Citizenship Education Teachers’ Awards, “Buddy” ® Poppy and National Military Services. Additionally, it is necessary that all Post and
    District Commanders comply with all provisions of the National By-Laws and the Manual of Procedure and Ritual.
  5. NATIONAL VETERANS DAY IN BIRMINGHAM:  The Awards Dinner will be on November 10th. 
  6. QUARTERMASTER BONDS: Quartermaster Bonds are due in August each year.  The bond covers from September 1st thru August 31st.  It is the duty of the Post commander to see that the Post is properly bonded.  Post Adjutants should contact an agency in your community or call the State Adjutant.  Please forward copy of declaration page to Department showing amount of bond and policy dates.
  7. DISPOSAL OF POST PROPERTY: Article VII Section 709 National By-Laws require any Post desiring to sell or mortgage its property must give notice of the meeting to consider the sale or mortgage to each member of the Post and to the Department Commander ten (10) days prior to the meeting and the sale or mortgage must be approved by two-thirds vote of those members present and voting at the meeting.
  8. ALL STATE TEAM: The State Commander will select an ALL STATE TEAM based on the performance of each individual Post.  Prerequisites are listed in the 2017-2018 Program Book.  It is every Commanders responsibility to know these requirements and points that are available.  
  9. Any member who wants their name on the list for National Appointment must have ten new or reinstated members by December 31.
  10. POST COMMANDERS: If you do not have an email address please designate a member of your Post, with an email address, to disseminate information from District and Headquarters. Also, please ensure the Post roster on the website ( is always up to date & accurate.
  11. COMMANDERS:  You are requested to insure that all members realize and understand that any conduct unbecoming during State Conferences and Conventions where the State or District has contracted with any Hotel or other business is subject to the National By-Laws and Manual of Procedure.  Any and all complaints should be submitted either in writing or delivered directly to the Convention Committee Chairman or State Adjutant.  The Convention Committee Chairman submits a report to the Hotel Management on all complaints received during the contracted period. Any member who goes directly to the hotel staff is not conductive to Good of the Order and will not be tolerated.
  12. COMMANDERS:  are reminded that any member or guest barred from a Post for violation of By-Laws and/or conduct unbecoming will be allowed to attend all regular scheduled or special called post membership meeting.  They may arrive fifteen (15) minutes before scheduled meeting and must leave immediately following close of meeting.  They may not purchase any type beverage and entering upon the property at any other time subjects them to arrest for trespassing on VFW property.
  13. POST RESERVE: Due to the passage of By-Law Amendment B-13 at the 118th National Convention, it is no longer necessary for Posts to maintain a dues reserve fund effective August 25, 2017.
  14. Attention of Post Commanders is directed to Section 1001 (25) of the Manual of Procedure concerning alcoholic beverages in the Post meeting room during Post meetings. The presence, dispensation, and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages in VFW meeting rooms during VFW meetings is unacceptable and is prohibited.
  15. The State Council of Administration voted and the State Commander has reconfirmed that there will be no smoking in a State VFW meeting, this includes District meetings.  National By-Laws require all Post Commanders or a representative to attend all District meetings and due to health reasons some are not able to attend due to smoking.  Meetings usually only last one (1) hour and if required, due to time, a short recess may be requested to accommodate the ones that smoke.